Web3, Peer-to-Peer Networking, and Distributed Ledger Technology is about to change the HR Software Industry

CET is about to team with like-minded partners to roll out an enterprise solution built on the Holochain platform that will connect peer-to-peer servers around the world and deliver EMPLOYEE DATA OWNERSHIP to individuals in a trusted global environment and create a network for companies to run RENEWABLE ENERGY MANAGEMENT software in the same authenticated and trusted environment.
Starting in Australia, 4,800 companies employing over 5 million employees will be given the opportunity to connect to the network.
CET’s visionary leadership will create the peer-to-peer network for microgrids to administer rooftop solar photovoltaic panels that will lay the platform for SPACE BASED SOLAR POWER implementation during the next decade: Same infrastructure, same power source – different method of delivery.

CET is helping clients transition to a new Distributed Ledger Technology peer-to-peer platform.

The Scope and Impact of Web3 on HR Systems By John Macy and Dennis Hill, Ph.D.

Quote from IHRIM's WSR Q1 2022 article: "The Web3 HR platform offers an imminent future consisting of open-source frameworks for modular assembly and composable application development and energy-conscious hosting services for a sustainable future. Current enterprise platforms will be disrupted, and the adoption of new Metaversestyle applications and edge computing devices will render existing applications obsolete…and very quickly."



Blockchanin technology and datat integration

The Distributed Ledger Technology, Holochain, is a new way of building composable applications on a new Web3 platform

Quote from Paul d'Aoust (Holochain): "....to offer a place where developers can offer generic, customisable parts that users can connect like Lego blocks into applications that suit their needs, without requiring any programming knowledge at all."












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CET supports the not for profit Rubeit Foundation.

A community initiative to teach participants how to solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle to exercise the mind and improve memory retention.

CET is looking to provide a data store, owned by the person. that can be shared with researchers to correlate activities with medical data.